Why RCM?

Because RCM SECURITY INC. is a full service company that provides a consistent, and highly creditable security service. You may have considered a large organization or off duty law enforcement officers for your protection needs. However, if you are concerned about controlling cost for long term loss prevention planning or you want to be assured of reliability, skill, and dedication, RCM SECURITY INC. provides your best option. RCM’s patrol services are an increasingly popular choice for business security, as regular patrols are effective at deterring crime while still being easy on your budget. Mobile patrols are conducted by RCM’s trained supervisors, alarm responders and mobile guards who randomly and unexpectedly but regularly visit and inspect your location to perform the same security services an on-site guard would perform, either internal or external or both. For instance, checking windows and doors, arming and disarming alarms, removing loiterers, escorting employees to vehicles, locking buildings, looking for signs of wrong-doing and potential danger and hazards and more importantly, deterring would be wrong-doers.
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Things to consider when hiring RCM SECURITY INC.:

    • How valuable are the things you are trying to protect? This will be one of the first things to consider, from here you could measure or estimate how heavy your security should be.
    • What type of security do you need? Having the security planned for every type of need contributes to the satisfaction of our customers.
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