Armed & Unarmed Security You Can Depend On

Rapid response is the great benefit of on-site office security. While automatic alarms will alert the police, it may take them a while to get there. By then, the criminals might be long gone with your property. RCM SECURITY INC. of Durham, North Carolina, offers armed and unarmed security guards that take proactive measures to protect your facilities and belongings.

During their patrols, our on-site officers also conduct random inspections and additional safety measures, such as:

• Checking for Maintenance or Safety Hazards
• Door & Window Checks
• Enforcing Property Regulations
Lock or Unlock Any Designated Areas
• Responding on Calls of Service & Alarm Activations
• Investigating Suspicious or Criminal Activity
• Parking Enforcement
Vehicle Patrol
Bicycle Patrol
Foot Patrol
security guards with vests

Experienced Security Personnel

RCM Security INC. also provides guard services for ; 
Commercial Property
Residential Property  
Construction Property
Our unarmed and armed security guards are fully licensed and insured to provide a wide range of patrol security services. Our personnel is equipped with state-of-the-art and well-marked vehicles that can be tracked through GPS. All patrol routes are recorded, fully lighted, and marked. We aim  to provide exceptional business between our clients, guards, and management team. Our security plans and patrol tours are customized to fit each property that we serve. The patrol route and designated check-in areas are set by one of our security supervisors. They will conduct a complete, on-site assessment of your property in order to design a security plan that meets your specific needs. Security is too important to leave in the hands of untrained and in-experienced security personnel. Our security patrol personnel are fully screened to maintain a safe environment for you and your property. Our officers are trained through the North Carolina Private Protective Service Board. You can ensure that they have accomplished requirements such as comprehensive background screening and trainings. They are selected for their professional demeanor, attitude and ability.

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